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a whinge-free space for lovers of R/S, R/T, and R/S/T

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Here's a community to explore, write about, and discuss Remus/Sirius, Remus/Tonks, and Remus/Sirius/Tonks relationships.

Only rule at the moment: Tonks-hate for "sinking the ship" is Not Allowed. Take it to remusxsirius or your personal journal. Anyone who sneaks past and instigates that will be introduced to my lovely BANHAMMER. Please leave your insanity at the door.

No sanity, no service.

Crossposting fics and all is totally kosher. A tag that says "fic: _/_" (or _/_/_) would be appreciated.

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If community ever disappears, email the.wanlorn@gmail.com for details as to What's Happening Next.

This community is just a youngling and in the process of being created.